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Enforcement on collateral

Katilin Popov Enforcement Officers can help creditors who have secured their claims under the Law on Special Pledges to enforce against the collateral provided. In case that the collateral won’t be disposed voluntarily by the debtor we will make all the necessary to find the assets and protect them from damages or lost. As we are aiming at providing complex services to our clients we will organize and carry out all the logistics, warehousing, appraisal, sale and distribution of receipts in order to save you time and money. Our and the professionalism of our partners (transportation and warehousing company, certified appraisers) stand as guarantee for legal compliance, achievement of the best price for the collateral and the level of security you can rely upon against all risks accompanying the foreclosure.

Our office is specialized in repossession of lease assets. Once you got a certificate form the Special Pledges Register for the registration of your lease agreement you can rely on us to find out and repossess the lease asset.