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Judgment Enforcement

In the area of judgment enforcement we provide you with a complex and customer shaped services in compliance with the best practices in the field.

Our team consists of lawyers specialized in all phases of the enforcement process - initiation, gathering information on debtor and its property, attaching distrainable property of the debtor, foreclosure and public sale of debtor´s assets, distribution of receipts to creditors. We always offer you a variety of options while choosing the most effective tool for settling out your outstanding claim. In case you are not familiar with the legal opportunities our team stands ready to explain these to you in a comprehensible and business oriented manner and to guide you all along the enforcement process.
The professional due care we are investing in each and every action that we undertake limits the opportunities for challenging these in court thus speeds up the enforcement with us.

Along the enforcement process we will take the time that is necessary to discuss your case with you and other parties involved, to guide you in choosing the most effective approach in order to save you time and money.

Only Katilin Popov Enforcement Officers provides you with on-line case tracking facility available at You will be able to get up-to-date information on all recent developments on your cases with us each time you need it, 24/24 hours a day.