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Our team stands ready to serve you by providing mediation services on disputes caused by outstanding payments and debts. Being a private and voluntary dispute settlement procedure the mediation provides you with opportunities for obtaining prompt and effective enforcement of your outstanding claims by saving you time and money in the same time.

We guarantee that our mediators will act independently and impartially in negotiations and along the mediation in order to keep your interests acknowledged and obtaining effective enforcement. In case you are not aware of what the mediation is our team is ready to brief and guide you trough all stages of the process and to address all concerns you might have before deciding to mediate with us.

The mediation is a tool for achieving positive solutions of creditor-debtor’s conflict. Besides, the debtor’s participation in negotiation and mediation helps him/her to get a reality check on the situation and his/her opportunities for settling out his/her outstanding debt. Your participation in the mediation gives you the freedom to compromise, negotiate and propose alternative solutions, saves you time and decreases the cost of enforcement. Once reached, the agreement resulting from the mediation preserves the relationship between the parties and prevents them from all the perturbations related with the normal judgment enforcement process.