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An Year of Expansion for Katilin Popov Enforcement Officers

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In course of the 2009 Katilin Popov Enforcement Officers was in constant expansion:

In January two new members joined the team – Stefka Vlahova (record keeper) and Iliya Todorov (summoning agent). In March we hired our first interim – a graduate student at law who is helping a lot with paralegal work in the office.

In August we hired a second office: by developing a shared ITC infrastructure for both offices, re-structuring work flows and roles in the office, accommodating internal and external communication protocols to fit the increased caseload and changing expectations of our clients we succeeded to manage our expansion without compromising the efficiency of our work and office’s level of customer service.

In September Neliya Takova (record keeper) and our second interim joined the office adding some more technical capacity to our team.

By attracting some new clients in 2009 our portfolio increased and its diversification required extension of our legal team. In December a new lawyer – Ivo Spasov – joined our office. We all believe that with his experience gained with the workout division of one of the Bulgaria’s leading financing companies Mr. Spasov will contribute to Katilin Popov Enforcement Officers’ growth.